The Ride for Hope School is operational, thanks to everyone who made this possible, you have impacted many children, thanks. 

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE Ride for Hope 2014

About The Ride For Hope

In 2010, a group of riders wondered how to combine two things that they loved; riding motorcycles and the children of Africa.  From this the Ride for Hope was born.  Over the past five years the Ride for Hope has raised over $65,000 to help orphaned children in the country's of Malawi, and Tanzania, Africa.  


We are pleased to announce that through the support of the Ride for Hope and concerned Newfoundlanders and supporters around the country, the Villlage of Hope is well established in Malawi and has sufficient support going into the future.


But children all around Africa need help as many African children live in extreme Poverty.  One such country that we have visited is Tanzania.  This year's Ride for Hope will change gears and focus on helping Tanzanian chiildren.


A fellow Newfoundlander, Anna Rowsell from Leading Tickles, has been living in the city of Mwanza, Tanzania, and is giving her life to help these children.  Anna is the director of Child Care Plus, a sponsorship organization that seeks out the most desperate and ensure that these children have the basics of life. 


In 2014 the ride for hope riders raised enough money to construct an educational center,  see pictures to the right of the completed project. this year we are constructing a medical clinic in Mwanza, Tanzania, the cost for the project is approximately $20,000.   


Like in years past, 100% of everything that is raised will go directly to construct this project.  


Thanks you for you continued support of the Ride for Hope.  The ride will be happening on August 15th, onsite registration from 8-9 am, and the ride will leave at 9:30 am.  


Register today at

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